1. What would you do with a piece of paper you found on the floor with a name and 10 digit number on it?*


2. You should park *


3. Every student must turn in his/her identification badge and complete a 1-page student exit form on his/her last day. *


4. If you spill a cup of water, you need to*


5. You can accept a $5 bill as a tip from a patient as long as you use it before your supervisor sees it. *


6. A visitor asks you if her loved one is in the inpatient unit, you should *


7. When working with a piece of equipment, you notice a strange smell. You should*


8. On your first day, someone asks you where the bathrooms are and you don't know. You should *


9. According to our infection control guidelines*


10. Which is true regarding our fire safety guidelines?*