Information Technology

Our IT department oversees the daily technology needs of the hospital. More than just email and basic computer networking, the IT department works with all Health Information Systems to implement and to upgrade electronic medical health records. This process is a multi-year investment of the hospital, requiring IT staff to be knowledgeable, well-trained, and flexible as patients, healthcare providers, and HIM staff transition to newer technology.

In 2013, PMH offers open access internet for patients and guests.  When logging in, you will be asked to agree with basic internet usage principles.  Should you have any issues while using the open access internet at PMH, please contact Ken Thomas, IT Support Specialist, at (304) 329-4715.

Contact Information
Beth Horne, Director
(304) 329-4714

Ken Thomas, IT Support Specialist
(304) 329-4715

Karen Cooper, IT Analyst
(304) 329-4707

Tammy Tusing
, Clinical IT Administrator
(304) 329-4718